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What is the cost?
Cost of the class varies depending on the length of the session. For most up-to-date costs and offerings, click here.

 Why do I need my doctor's approval for Prenatal Yoga?
Pregnancy can bring with it many changes in our body. It is always important that you work closely with your doctor regarding any physical activity you engage in during pregnancy to make sure it is appropriate for your body.. 

 What if I have to stop participating in class before the end of the session- can I get a refund?
There are no refunds on the session. The only exception is if there is a medical concern regarding your ongoing participation. In this case, a physician's note must be presented in order to recieve a refund for the remaining classes.

I am 7 months pregnant- is it too late for me to start a yoga practice?
It is easiest to begin a prenatal yoga program sometime in the first or second trimester. Although, you may benefit from some of the breathing techniques, beginning yoga late in pregnancy may be a challenge. Ultimately it is up to you and your doctor, as well as your current individual conditioning level. 

 What about after the baby comes? Do you offer Post-Natal wellness too?
We do! Check it out here!

 I can't make it to any of the scheduled class times but really would like to participate. Do you offer individual sessions?
Yes, individual sessions can be scheduled to match your availability better. One-on-one sessions are offered for a rate of $50/hour. The instructor will come to your home or offer a variety of studio locations for the session. Contact Jen at to schedule an appointment.


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